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Asset Management Strategy

As a Partnership, we recognise that effective use of our land and property assets form one of the essential ingredients for high quality service delivery and creating and ensuring value for our residents.

Our aim is to manage a well-planned and well maintained property portfolio, ensuring that we can demonstrate value for money and, more importantly, that by using our assets well, secure wide value for our community.

The South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership Asset Management Strategy 2023-2028 has been adopted by each sovereign council and replaces the highest level General Fund Asset Management Plan or Strategy at each council. 

The purpose of the Strategy is to provide the strategic framework within which each council will manage its general fund land and property assets.  

The strategy has a five year scope, with the five strategic priorities set out driving the monitoring, review and updating of the Strategy to ensure it remains relevant and fit for purpose throughout, and covers all of each Council's operational and non-operational general fund assets. 

The strategy can be downloaded here: