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Our Partnership

Since forming in October 2021, the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership has been focused on delivering quality services, opportunities, investment and value for our residents, businesses, partners, and employees.

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The Partnership, which is the largest of its kind in the country, is made up of Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council and South Holland District Council, with around 1,000 members of staff and over 120 elected members serving over 300,000 residents across 1,112 square miles in total.

Our Growth

The key aim of the Partnership is to deliver growth and regeneration to the area, to seek greater access to vital Government funding and to find a position where it can identify and secure new investment into the sub-region, which is often viewed as being left behind for these transformative sums of money.

Using a strong and united collective voice, the Partnership wants to build a reputation nationally and internationally as a trustworthy, open and innovative organisation, with a reputation for being able to deliver ambitious, large scale capital projects and to be a frontrunner around subjects like energy production, manufacturing and service delivery.

The Partnership also prides itself on working closely with its existing businesses, helping advocate for their needs and concerns, facilitate them being able to access support and funding and promoting the unique local offers and products they provide.

Our Services

As well as introducing and enabling new investment, the Partnership is also focused upon offering our residents and businesses the best value for money possible from its existing services and delivery, creating new financial opportunities through partnership working and the use of integrated collective services and a shared senior management team.

Working as a larger team also enables the Partnership to offer an improved direct service to our residents, aiming to deliver a better quality of life and access to experiences and opportunities. This is possible by identifying and replicating best practice already in place at the individual councils, and exploring new ways of working that may have been out of reach without a collaborative approach.

Despite this, each council still maintains individual democratic sovereignty and accountability to their local areas, and ensures that this 'local service' to residents, businesses and elected members remains in place. The Partnership will seek to use simple, plain English with residents to make it clear what decisions are being taken and the reasons behind them.

Our Workforce

The Partnership is committed to improving the offer to its workforce and the recruitment and retention of staff, prioritising the need to attract talent and to retain its existing talent. This is achieved through investment in workforce development, encouraging staff engagement, supporting individual and team training, enabling colleagues to achieve a good work / life balance and providing access to succession planning and leadership opportunities.

Our Voice

It is also crucial that the Partnership uses its combined voice and representation to look to have a greater influence on future policy direction, and to impact outcomes that make the biggest difference for its local communities and businesses.

The Partnership enables all three councils to position themselves well for the future, putting it in a strong position to respond and adapt to the Government's Levelling Up agenda as well as any structural reform or devolution offers that may affect Greater Lincolnshire in the future, ensuring a case is put forward that has the best interests of local residents and businesses at its heart.  

The key documents that support our formation and journey are included on this page:

LGA Peer Challenge

Business Case (PDF) [3MB] (opens new window)

Memorandum of Agreement (PDF) [402KB] (opens new window)

SELCP Partnership Alignment and Delivery Plan 2024/25 (PDF) [1MB]

SELCP Performance Management Framework 2024_25 (PDF) [994KB] (opens new window)

Workforce Development Strategy (PDF) [5MB] (opens new window)