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New Sustainable Products Policy approved to help Partnership reduce single-use products

A new Sustainable Products Policy has this week been adopted by the South & East Lincolnshire Council's Partnership.

The policy sets out Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council and South Holland District Council's commitment to reducing the procurement of single-use products as far as possible, and to find the best alternative solutions where they cannot be eliminated completely.

This is designed to help to meet the Partnership's net-zero targets, and to achieve the aspirations laid out in the joint Climate Change Strategy, which was agreed earlier this year, by helping to reduce carbon emissions and implement a more sustainable approach to resource management with less waste.

To help achieve these objectives, the new policy will be embedded in the Procurement Framework of the three authorities, to ensure an aligned and consistent approach to future procurement and help to establish a culture of reuse, repair, and recycling across the Partnership, keeping resources in use and allowing their lifespan to be prolonged for as long as possible.

The Partnership will also seek to actively support community-led schemes which promote the recycling and reduction of single-use products, to lead on bringing about a wider cultural change and environmental benefits for the sub-region's residents and businesses.

A joint statement from Councillor Paul Skinner Leader of Boston Borough Council, Councillor Craig Leyland, Leader of East Lindsey District Council, and Councillor Gary Porter, Leader of South Holland District Council said: "The approval of this policy by the Partnership is another important commitment to our ongoing work to meet our net-zero target, and to ensure a thriving and sustainable future for our communities. The policy provides a common-sense approach to protecting the environment and reducing Partnership waste.

"As a partnership we are always seeking ways to be more environmentally conscious, and working alongside our residents, partners and local businesses across the sub-region this new policy can help to reduce our carbon emissions and to use our resources and products in the most efficient and lasting way possible."

18 November 2022