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SELCAN marks first year of partnership working to tackle climate change across the sub-region

The South & East Lincolnshire Climate Action Network (SELCAN) is celebrating its first year of partnership working to tackle climate change across the sub-region.

SELCAN has brought together more than 30 private, public and third sector organisations to work collaboratively on reducing carbon emissions across the sub-region to build a more sustainable future for our communities.

Formed in July 2022, SELCAN acts as a forum for sharing ideas, best practice and collaboration across South Holland, Boston and East Lindsey with the aim of delivering projects that lead to carbon reduction, as well as mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. The organisation encourages communities to be part of the solution to the social, economic and environmental challenges facing our sub-region as a result of climate change.

SELCAN is an independent body which drives, monitors and reviews progress against the South & East Lincolnshire Climate Change Strategy and it is made up of equal membership from the public, private and third sectors, bringing different skills, expertise and knowledge to make SELCAN a success.

Eight sub-groups have formed, who meet regularly throughout the year, and they have each now agreed priority proposals for the coming 12 months. It has been a busy first year for the organisation with a number of projects already being worked on, including:

  • A proposal to reduce emissions arising from courier deliveries, by promoting the use of collection points at commonly visited locations.
  • Webinars to assist businesses across the sub-region, featuring topics including carbon footprinting advice, promoting the benefits of a circular economy, transitioning to renewable energy, resource auditing and monitoring, and communicating low carbon credentials.
  • A proposal to assist agricultural businesses to understand and quantify their carbon footprints and learn how to undertake energy audits, supported by infographics.
  • A project which promotes the concept of 'right tree in the right place' and explores opportunities to protect and enhance our wildlife via more inclusive and interconnected landscape-scale habitat restoration, by utilising tools such as the emerging ELMS, Biodiversity Net Gain and Local Nature Recovery Strategies.
  • A proposal which will support residents and businesses to access available funding to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.
  • A proposal to promote technologies and behaviours that reduce water consumption across all domestic and commercial sectors and to support initiatives to improve the management of waterways and coastal areas thereby reducing flood risk and benefitting the natural environment by keeping water higher in the catchment for longer.
  • A proposal around mapping of energy flows in and out of the sub-region with a focus on Anaerobic Digestion.  
  • Developing the first principles for an electric vehicle strategy for the sub-region.

As well as these projects, SELCAN has developed a logo, website, social media channels and a communications plan.

Cllr Graham Marsh, chairman of SELCAN, said: "SELCAN has had a fantastic first year and it has been really positive to bring together like-minded and dedicated individuals and organisations, who are all committed in addressing the challenges posed by climate change, so communities can live more sustainably. There are some fantastic projects being developed which will bring about change and promote awareness of some of the things which businesses and individuals can easily do to live and work more greener and in a more environmentally-friendly way.

"There's some great work being done across the sub-region and more exciting plans for the coming 12 months. Our vision is to achieve net zero emissions in advance of the Government's 2050 target and make the sub-region more resilient to the impacts of climate change. We are committed to building a more sustainable future for our residents and communities." 

To find out more about SELCAN, visit You can also follow SELCAN on Twitter @SelcanInfo or search for The South and East Lincolnshire Climate Action Network on LinkedIn.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in getting involved with the SELCAN network please contact